Tyvek - Fast Metabolism (2007)

It's not hard to look in wonder of the genius of a title like Fast Metabolism, it fits the album's heart and soul like a pair of vinegar-boiled jeans. The album is actually a combination of their EP Summer Burns the first four tracks and various odd and ends available on iTunes. Nevertheless, put together, these songs are consistent infections of unbound energy delivered with both swiftness as well as precision and they're easily digested. These are diverse offerings however. Some songs are put together with wry, jagged hooks that shoot off in bratty irritability. Others are just as tense but Tyvek don't shy away from the occasional sandpaper groove of melodic punk. Lyrics are quirky and absurd proposing provocative, existential questions like, "Can you drive a Honda like I can drive a Honda?" that certainly have the power to open a listener's eyes to a new spatial consciousness that spirals straight from dead air.

Considering that these guys have little time to tour as a result of having regular jobs (one being an ADA for the city of Detroit), they make the best of their studio time. There's a fluidity to all of these songs as of they're being played as a well-tuned live set. They simply function as proper artistic mechanisms sending signals of good times and childish pep to hold down our twenty-something conservatism and let loose for five fucking minutes or until question mark.

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