Smog - Look Now 7" (1999)

Two awesome non-album tracks that were released around the time of "Knock, Knock". Both of these tracks definitely stand up to the top-tier Smog material. A very rare and forgotten release in the Smog discography that for whatever reason didn't end up on the "Accumulation: None" compilation.


decrepittapes said...

Paul said...

thank you so much for all this Smog stuff. For some reason, I've never pursued his older, weirder stuff and I totally love it.

- Paul

steve said...

No problem! Glad you enjoy it. It amazing to see how Callahan's music has progressed over the course of the last two decades.

David said...

awesome, i didn't even know this one existed! "knock knock" and "a river ain't too much to love" are my favorites but bill's incredibly consistent. i just heard his newest one and it's very calm and serene ... but i guess that's just how he's feeling these days.

********** said...
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
ATAT #105(A)

My Uncle Wayne.
Colonial Hills 7"

trk:1. Colonial Hills

lovingly fucked with by Mike Rep
@the Used Kids Annex.
spilt milk recordings.
100 pressed on pink wax.

Jenny Mae/Trumpet.
Mike McKeegan/Guitar
Davey Highben/Guitar.voice.

All I really remember about these sessions was that Mike had just got this new four track he was going to "try out" on us. I really didn't know who Mike was at the time I was pretty new to town. He insisted that we record acoustically, which was fine for me since i wrote everything that way. Well Right off the bat Mike was having problems with his new equipment and after about 45 minutes of fuckery he was ready to go...but first!!! Mike looked like he was struck with the revelation of a lifetime, or rather that moment and in a dash he sprang from his stool, mysteriously produced a joint and turned out the shop lights at the exact same time. Then with a clap, dashing Christmas lights came about and chased themselves around the store with clouds of smoke filling the room. It was at this time Jenny Mae showed up with trumpet in one hand and a practically empty bottle of Gin(?)in the other- it might of been whiskey-I don't remember, I'm no journalist!

Forever since then when ever I see Mike he usually makes some side comment at some time, that usually questions why I never did more with these sessions, the "tossing of the coals", as he liked to call it, but truth be told- I always felt more comfortable singing behind a twisting, turning, churning, morphing, wall of sound and recording with Mike took that all away,It left me vulnerable in the realization of all that was transpiring around me at that point and time in my life...(what the hell am I talking about?)
so here it goes...


"...I imagine I could yet I never do,
when I'm alone at home I sit around
and think of la la la la la ..."

(thanks to Dan for lending his copy)

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I'll put a link to your blog on my main page if you promise to leave your blog posts out of the comments section.

********** said...

I'm sorry Steve. You do not have to put a link for me. thanks tho. I really appreciate your site. Every record I used to own, you've kept them for me so I could hear them again. Thanks.

steve said...

No worries man. Your blog has some great content so I have no problem keeping a link on the side.

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