Mission Statement

We are 15 days away from the opening of this blog, but I want to give people an idea of what to expect as far as content on this blog.

For those of you who don't know, I ran the highly successful (if I do say so myself) kiwi-rock blog "Kiwi Tapes" which focused exclusively on music from New Zealand. That blog reached what I found to be a good stopping point so now I am able to start this new blog to focus on my other passion... lo-fi.

I want to focus on bands that record their music this way for aesthetic purposes, not because they just didn't have any other choice. In this age of digital recording, where everything has to be just right I think the immediacy and the essence of some music is compromised... if not lost entirely with some recordings.

Here are the new guidelines for this blog that will differ from Kiwi Tapes:

1- NO SUBMISSIONS. This blog will only feature albums in my collection. This is in an effort to keep better quality control.

2- FILES: MP3s only. Lowest Bitrate will be 192, but most will either be V0 or 320.

3- COVER ART: All albums will include at least front cover art, and will include other artwork elements if I have them available.

4- NO RE-UPLOADS. Check the blog often otherwise you miss out on something.

5- NO DIVSHARE. I will only be using Media Fire & Mega Upload.

6- NO REQUESTS. Sorry... just another quality control measure.

7- NO RIAA ARTISTS. Fuck 'em. I encourage you to boycott them.

A question has come up quite a few times since I first mentioned that I would be starting this blog, and that is: Will I still be posting Kiwi Rock? The answer is YES, and that is only a yes if it falls under the criteria of this blog. Did you really think I would stop trying to get people in to the Dead C & The Terminals? :)

See you in 15 days. If you have any questions or comments for me, please leave them in the comments section.

Coming June 1st

Sorry guys, it's going to take longer than I expected... thanks for being patient. It'll be worth it... I promise!