Faust - Faust (1971)

The impact of Faust cannot be overstated; their debut album was truly a revolutionary step forward in the progress of "rock music". It was pressed on clear vinyl, packaged in a clear sleeve, with a clear plastic lyric insert. The black X-ray of a fist on the cover graphically illustrates the hard core music contained in the grooves, an amalgamation of electronics, rock, tape edits, acoustic guitars, musique concrete, and industrial angst. The level of imagination is staggering, the concept is totally unique and it's fun to listen to as well.


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thehatsdurango said...

This is one of the greatest LPs ever made - it's like a drill taking your brain from it's skull to a better place.
It works every time for me, especially when played VERY loud. It is unique even within the Faust canon. Superb.