Mayo Thompson - Corky's Debt To His Father

Although this, to put it mildly, is not a record for mainstream tastes, it nevertheless may be more palatable to pop ears than any of Thompson's numerous Red Krayola records. With a folkier bent than his group projects, Thompson projects himself as a lovable oddball of sorts, stringing together free-associative, non-sequitur lyrics against chord progressions and time signatures that, as is his wont, refuse to adhere to accepted norms. Much of it's rather catchy (if not hummable), though, with a whimsical sense of fun that makes it impossible to dismiss as pretentious artsiness.

Key Tracks: Oyster Thins, Horses, Venus In The Morning


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mylow said...

Frustratingly good one-off by Mayo, 1st I guess. He moves too well with the times, could linger a little longer in any genre, like his experimental synth spoken word 1983 thing with Moebius & Conny Plank
But Key Tracks ?, what about No 1, The Lesson, "I held your little breast in hand...and I kept my eeeyes on your knees". Oyster Thins is contagious though. Like to have heard Roy Montgomery cover that.

DRAG CITY said...

Please take this link down ASAP.