The Doledrums

I've recently been pointed in the direction of this blog:

It looks like she is picking up right where I left off with Kiwi Tapes (and doing a much better job than I did, I might add). So if you are still in need of your kiwi fix, please go there...


robert said...

it's actually a girl running the doledrums

Ariel said...

Ariel from the Doledrums here. This really means a lot to me. I never intended for my blog to become kiwi-centric, but I'm more than happy to fill the niche left by the wonderful Kiwi Tapes. When I first discovered NZ music, your blog was a godsend. Thanks for everything you've done to keep this fantastic music circulating, and good luck in the future.

And thank you too, Robert! That fact seems to slip past a lot of my visitors.

mylow said...

Doledrums is great. But you could have just included link in your blogs of choice and uploaded another album in post, o the waste.

I like your new machine.

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