The Dead C - Harsh 70's Reality (Bonus Tracks)

One of the most important lo-fi / noise albums and quite simply a masterpiece. No album more perfectly captures the spirit of the Dead C than this album. Starting with (in my opinion) their best recording the 22-minute "Driver UFO" that has absolutely no structure but explores so many interesting sounds and textures that you won't believe how quickly it goes by. The album then kicks in to full gear with "Sky", one of the band's most straight forward "rock" songs that is just a totally relentless sonic attack on the senses. The album never lets up from there and there isn't a single wasted second.

This is a special version of the album because two of the tracks from this album were not included on the CD release: "Shark" & "T Is Never Over Parts I & II" both ripped from the vinyl version. All of the other tracks are from their original digital sources. The version that was originally posted to Kiwi Tapes did not include these tracks.

Great news for all of you Dead C fans: their current label Ba Da Bing! has teamed up with Jagjaguwar to bring two new deluxe edition vinyl reissues of the Dead C's first two releases: DR503 & Eusa Kills. DR503 has the original album's running order on the first LP (not DR503b or c) and the second LP includes the entirety of the Sun Stabbed EP and outtakes from those sessions (some of which were on DR503b). The Eusa Kills re-issue is equally devistating, with the epic Helen Said This/Bury Siltbreeze single on the second LP at 45 RPM (the original was 33). I own both of these and I would high reccomend seeking them out, excellent packaging and pressing all around. They are both available at the Jagjaguwar Mail Order Store


steve said...

Scot said...

wow. thanks for posting this - had the cd years and it made no sense, so i dumped it. dumped it! but now ... the vinyl add-ons are much welcomed, too.

please feel free to continue my dead c education!

Mars said...

By the time I discovered them it was all jam skronk. Which I love now, but back then - a little intimidating! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i would like to know... are there any album with most of the songs like "sky"??? i really really like it, great noise attemp.. but still music!

Novemberer said...

Hey Raul, maybe try the Eusa Kills LP, it's an early release & much more "song"-orientated, though still pretty loose & noisy.

Big thanks to DT for posting this btw, I have an original pressing of H70s but have been missing the Sun Stabbed stuff for YEARS - they were untouchable at this point, yup?

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