Coming Soon

Decrepit Radio: Before the end of the month I will be posting my very first podcast to the site. The intent is to make one episode per month. I'm going to try to find ways to make it different than your usual "just talk & play music" radio show, with the possibility of also incorporating live music.

A Wider Range of Musical Styles:
I'm trying to avoid falling into the same trap as Kiwi Tapes where I limit myself too much and end up getting bored. I want to extend outside of the "lo-fi" category a bit (while still also keeping with it) The recent Sam Cooke & Harmonia posts should tell you where I am coming from in that regard. Hopefully by now I have gained enough trust that you guys will like what I will post.

Comments have now been enabled for everyone and you no longer have to register with Blogger in order to leave comments. Hopefully this will promote more of a discussion. I reserve the right to delete any comment at any time for any reason.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.


mylow said...

Sounds Good. I've been trying to get 2ser Radio to Podcast Anna John's The Modern Dance.

At the moment all I can do is stream if I remember to be home on Wednesday's. An alternative from an already respectable blog could be the tonic.

Davey Highben said...

I just found your blog by chance, thanks so much, I have not heard many of these records in just as many years...
please feel free to swing back by this way and keep up the good work(the sam cook record is god like)
Davey Highben.

Davey Highben said...


privateworld said...

i have really enjoyed both of your blogs. thank you for sharing!

steve said...

Thanks everyone!

mylow said...

An eclectic podcast of interest esp. as some of the music I can't find anywhere else:
That your toying with the idea means you've some material in mind, considering your posts to date I'm keen to hear it.