Temple of Bon Matin - Thunder Feedback Confusion (1995)

Imagine a jam session with Glenn Branca & Hawkwind and it probably wouldn't sound too far off from the Philadelphia-based noise rock collective Temple of Bon Matin. Their near-atonal freakouts are as challenging and uncompromising as rock music gets, but they have enough dynamics and compositional ideas to make their records more than simple exercises in repetition and annoyance. The heart of Temple of Bon Matin is the duo of drummer Ed Wilcox and keyboardist John Mulvaney. Wilcox and Mulvaney are the group's only constants, with other members added and subtracted according to whim. The group's first album was recorded in 1993, but not released until 1995; Thunder, Feedback and Confusion is probably the group's most overtly rock-oriented work, with some of the songs even having recognizable melodies


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Great stuff, got to see this line up a lot in Philly in the early/mid 90s... The bass player on this one is Mark Lux, now in The Plastic Crimewave Sound. Thanks for posting this.