Red Krayola - God Bless The Red Krayola... (1968)

Far gentler than, though equally quirky as, their maiden effort, the Red Krayola's second album was a series of odd miniatures that, though far more restrained than Parable of Arable Land, was a much more solid indication of the direction Mayo Thompson would explore over the next few decades. These are less "songs" than stream-of-consciousness fragments. Thompson's wavering, quizzical voice intones disjointed but evocative lyrics that may appear to be non sequiturs. Odd time meters and musical shifts do their best to defy conventional rock song structures. It's not very poppy, no, but if the description sounds foreboding, be assured that as experimental rock goes, it's far warmer and friendlier than the norm


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Novemberer said...

This one stays in my top 10 forever! Worth it just for "Listen To This"...

Anonymous said...

FYI, i was incorrect about the 'Parable...' download.

The download was not missing any of the original tracks (12 TRACKS).

The first 12 tracks are correct (and in correct order). Download was mislabeled from 08-12.

correct titles are:
08 = Pink Stainless Tail
09 = Free Form Freak-Out 05
10 = Parable Of Arable Land
11 = Free Form Freak-Out 06
12 = Former Reflections Enduring Doubt

13 = 'Say Hello To Jamie Jones' (from 'God Bless...' LP)


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