Blues Control - Snow Day 7" (2008)

It’s been a long wait, but finally some new Blues Control material has surfaced, and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a holiday-themed record, if the sleigh bells on “Paul’s Winter Solstice” or the slight riff on “Jingle Bells” in “Snow Day” have anything to say about it, but even though winter will soon be over, these two songs fit squarely into BC’s expansive M.O., a striking balance between melody and ambience, showcasing a creative process that produces some of the most fulfilling and challenging sounds of our day. They’re my favorite band in NYC, and one of the few outfits who have never disappointed me in the live setting. Simply gorgeous, relaxed, sounds that float in and out, blowing lungfuls of green smoke on the lines between pop and art. 1500 copies, baby blue vinyl. Sub Pop Singles Club series – check eBay for yours.


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oh wow! jeez, its like magik, i asked for it earlier in the day and "poof" it appears a little later- i wish it always worked like that when im looking for a hard to find record-
but seriously thanks again,