Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently... I hope to get back into full swing soon and start updating at the same rate that I used to back in the Kiwi Tapes days.

It's been brought to my attention that people are unhappy with my use of Send Space. I am definitely open to suggestions and I will use anything else except for DivShare.

Please leave a comment letting me know your preference... thanks!


skullgrid said...

in my experience Zshare and Rapidshare seem to be the most reliable these days... Mediafire isn't terrible either... and then there's Sharebee which, although I don't use it, seems to work well and spreads to Rapidshare, Zshare, Megaupload and Badongo... so there's still a few viable options around. i'd say any of the above should likely fend off any "complaints".

Mark said...

My vote's for Sharebee.

Regardless of your choice, I appreciate the blog alot and look forward to future posts!

hdvns said...
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hdvns said...

I use sharebee exclusively because it gives multiple download options. It has it's quirks at times, but is mostly reliable. Keep up the fine work.

Wurly said...

I agree with skullgrid - Rapidshare, Zshare and Mediafire are the most reliable.

Badongo and Sendspace is not available in China, and Megaupload is really unreliable.

bridgerw said...

Mediafire provides the least hassle, but Rapidshare isn't terrible.