Link Wray - The Swan Singles Collection

A collection of all of the singles that Link Wray recorded from 1963-1967, which is arguably his most productive and influential period. Link Wray may never get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but his contribution to the language of rockin' guitar would still be a major one, even if he had never walked into another studio after cutting "Rumble." Quite simply, Link Wray invented the power chord, the major modus operandi of modern rock guitarists. Listen to any of the tracks he recorded between that landmark instrumental in 1958 through his Swan recordings in the early '60s and you'll hear the blueprints for heavy metal, thrash, you name it. To put it blunty: Link Wray rocked harder than anyone else from his era.


decrepittapes said...

Peter said...

What?! He's not in the HoF???
Just goes to show how irrelevant that is...Christ, you take the Link Wray keystone outta tha plce it all comes tumbling down!

decrepittapes said...

Yes, the rock & roll Hall of Fame is quite a joke, and if there was ever any doubt about that the glaring omission of Link Wray certainly puts that to rest.

Expect plenty more Link Wray posts in the future... he is one of my all time favorites.