Kiwi Tapes

Over the past week, I have actually toyed with the idea of bringing back my old blog Kiwi Tapes to post additional new New Zealand material that I have. By posting Gate's amazing "Wisher Table" yesterday you can see that I have instead opted to just keep everything on this blog as kiwi rock and lo-fi are very similar in aesthetic. You can expect a more Kiwi posts in the future, along with stuff that is along the lines of what I have already been posting. If you have any kiwi albums you'd like to contribute please email me at: decrepittapes -at-

I will not take any requests of any kind nor will I will be doing any re-uploading, no matter how much you beg for it so save yourself the trouble and don't even ask.


katty said...

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kimberly said...

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Eamonn said...

I'd like to thank you heaps for kiwitapes and decrepit tapes. I host the new zealand music show on RDU, when I started I knew a lot about modern indie bands and the more popular flying nun acts, now I have gotten into the more lo-fi/experimental stuff mostly thanks to you and other research. I would be happy to contribute anything you see on here ( I probably have an album behind it. Just leave a comment on the blog