Playthings - Live 1981

Playthings were an early 80's New Zealand punk group fronted by Jay Clarkson (The Expendables, Breathing Cage) and Janine Soundercock. They released two 7 inch singles on Flying Nun (Coloured & Bird's Eye View) and they released this limited "official" bootleg of a 1981 live recording recorded at the famous Gladstone Venue (also noteworthy for featuring famous early gigs from The Clean, The Pin Group and The Gordons).

The excellent cut "Stand Up / Sit Down" was featured on last year's excellent Time To Go compilation and after hearing that song again in a different context I was reminded of how great this group was and what a shame it was that they seemingly got lost in the shuffle of that early scene. Lots of excellent straight forward punk numbers throughout with a few highly angular post-punk songs to keep things fresh. As far as I can tell in my research this is the only group Janine ever played in which is a shame because her vocals are excellent. 

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