On The Horizon: The Dead C. - Armed Courage

There's no one more excited than me that The Dead C are experiencing a late-career renaissance with fantastic re-issues on the Ba Da Bing! and Siltbreeze labels, a split release featuring archival with Rangda and the first magazine cover story (The Wire) in the band's 20+ year history. In addition to the much needed reappraisals of their back catalog the Dead C have also been quietly releasing some of their best new music in ages starting with 2009's Secret Earth and 2010's all-instrumental Patience. After a bit of a lay-off the Dead C will be back on September 3rd with Armed Courage a new release featuring 2 extended pieces that harken back to the Harsh 70's Reality days while still evolving and moving the Dead C agenda forward. After some misguided forays into electronic music in the early 2000's it seems the Dead C are back to doing what they do best: making a huge fucking racket. When it comes to extended noise improvs no one does it quite like they do.

Check out a preview excerpt of the track "Courage":

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