Woods - How To Survive In + The Woods

Experimental folk music anthems with Jeremy and Christian from Meneguar. How To Survive consists of everything from more traditional singer/songwriter songs to noisy yet beautiful outbursts of brilliant lo-fi madness. A truly amazing collection of songs. Originally released as a double cassette on Fuck It Tapes, now remastered and finally avaliable on cd.

Woods began in the woods, at the foot of Bear Mountain. In the earliest days it was a collaborative improvisational group with two core members and several guests, known as woodsists. Shortly thereafter, Jeremy Earl and Christian DeRoeck emerged from the woods, dusted themselves off, and began to walk upright. The two woodsists immersed themselves in human culture, learned to craft a melody, to wield a tambourine, to construct a crude phonograph from spare bicycle parts. They learned the value of a cassette. Jeremy and Christian returned to the woods and shared their newfound knowledge with the other woodsists. The result was Woods, songs and improvisations by outsiders, inspired by the human experience.


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