Sic Alps - U.S. Ez

After a run of successful EPs, singles and compilation appearances in 2006-2007, the Sic Alps joined the Siltbreeze roster and dropped their best material yet and arguably the best album of 2008. The duo of Mike Donovan & Matt Hartmen took the purest essence of the sound they had developed to that point and mixed it with soaring 60's pop. If no one told you otherwise you'd swear from the warm fidelity that this album was recorded in 1968.

You'll read a lot of lazy comparisons to Nuggets when you read about this band, but did any of those bands sound this sleezy and this raw while still delivering hooks like the ones in "Mater" and "Sing Song Waitress"? Somehow I doubt it. Take the early Stooges, Spacemen 3, The Zombies & The Clean and put them in a blender and you have the sound of the Sic Alps. So imperfect yet so right at the same time. Listen to it and love it. This is what rock & roll is supposed to sound like.

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This and Pink Reason's Cleaning Mirrors are the only Siltbreeze releases I've been able to find without ordering, and they're both superb.
Any chance of more from v.3 apart from your previous posts and photograph burns.
I cannot believe how brilliant yet hard to find these Jim Shepard/v.3 releases are.