Guided By Voices: The Classic Era 1992-1996

In celebration of the upcoming reunion of the classic line-up of Guided By Voices (Bob Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Kevin Fennell & Greg Demos) I have put together this two disc 60 track collection spanning the time period this line up will be covering during their reunion tour. To put it quite simply, I firmly believe that GBV's highly prolific output from 1992-1996 would stack up against the best years of any band in rock history. Charmingly lo-fi and with hooks galore, these 60 songs will serve as a reminder that one of the greatest bands of our time is about to take the stage again to rock our faces off.


Disc 1 (1992-1994):

1- Over The Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox
2- Weedking
3- The Quality of Armor
4- Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy
5- 14 Cheerleader Coldfront (Live)
6- Wished I Was A Giant
7- Jar of Cardinals
8- Gleemer (The Deeds of Fertile Jim)
9- Wondering Boy Poet
10- My Impression Now
11- Dusted (EP Version)
12- Hey Aardvark
13- Johnny Appleseed
14- Dusty Bushworms
15- Spring Tiger
16- Ester's Day
17- Buzzards & Dreadful Crows
18- Tractor Rape Chain
19- The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
20- Echoes Myron
21- Gold Star For Robot Boy
22- Smothered In Hugs
23- Peep-Hole
24- Kicker of Elves
25- Queen of Cans & Jars
26- Stabbing A Star
27- Do The Earth
28- Scissors
29- Planet's Own Brand
30- I Am A Scientist (Single Version)

Disc 2 (1995-1996):

1- A Salty Salute
2- Watch Me Jumpstart
3- Game of Pricks
4- As We Go Up, We Go Down
5- A Good Flying Bird
6- Motor Away
7- Hit
8- Blimps Go 90
9- Striped White Jets
10- My Son Cool
11- Always Crush Me
12- My Valuable Hunting Knife (Shernoff Version)
13- If We Wait
14- The Key Losers
15- The Worryin' Song
16- He's The Uncle
17- Why Did You Land?
18- The Official Ironman Rally Song
19- Redmen & Their Wives
20- Sheetkickers
21- Big Boring Wedding
22- Drag Days
23- To Remake The Young Flyer
24- Your Name Is Wild
25- Dodging Invisible Rays
26- Don't Stop Now
27- Office of Hearts
28- Look At Them (Live)
29- Cut-Out Witch (Live)
30- Drinker's Peace (Live)


Brian Wolf said...

Seeing them in Atlanta in October. cant fucking wait. ROCK!

decrepittapes said...

Pop Tatari said...

Just discovered your blog, think I'll be spending a lot of time going through the archived posts....Thanks for this one!

Matthew D said...

Brilliant mix! I am going to see them twice next month, I'm so excited! Respect, my friend!

Dane said...

I had the fortune of seeing them play during that 92-96 era ..... holyfuck.

11/22/94 , Memphis, Antenna Club, openers The Grifters and Strapping Field hands. 3 hr plus show.

4/5/95 , Chicago, Lounge Ax, w/Mary Lou Lord

4/6/95 , Chicago, Lounge Ax, w/Polara

2/24/96 , Chicago, Metro, w/New Radiant Storm King

And then later :

6/12/97, Chicago, Metro, w/ Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

7/2/99, Berkeley, Greek Theater w/Sonic Youth,Superchunk,Sleater-Kinney,Rocket from the Crypt

11/11/99, San Francisco, Maritime Hall, w/Johh Doe , and Those Bastard Souls

In the early years they were UNMATCHABLE and so much fun!!

decrepittapes said...

You are a very lucky man. I only saw GBV once and that was during their disasterous Electrifying Conclusion tour. It was a fucking mess and it was very clear to see why the band was breaking up. Bob needed to get himself off of the road for a few years and clean up his act and that band (with the exception of Doug Gillard) was just awful. I'm glad that these guys can get back together with some new perspective and a much larger audience. I'll be at the Philly & Bloomington shows... I can't wait!

PB said...

First time posting on your blog, though I've been a fan for a while.

I just wanted to alert you and your readers that I posted a GBV playlist of my own last year.

It covers roughly the same era but it's strictly songs from singles and EPs.

There's a bit of an overlap as might be expected but I think it's a nice companion piece to your post anyway.

Sorry for the blatant "piggyback" but I figured you wouldn't mind.

Novemberer said...

Was lucky enough to see the "classic line-up" once over here in the UK, supported by Kim Deal's The Amps (who were quite an eyeful themselves!).

I dunno if you "do" requests, but... I've never been able to track down GBV's "Finks", it's a Japan-only bonus track I think? If there's any chance you can help me out with that one please let me know... (thanks)

P.S. Am very glad to see Decrepit Tapes back in action btw.

Oxy said...

I'm assuming the link is dead, as it is for me. I would dearly love to see this post upped again. A few others too, but I won't be greedy. I need to download this ASAP! ;-)