Decrepit Tapes Podcast #1

Available in Low-Fi (64 kbps) and Hi-Fi (192 kbps)


Tommy Jay Band - Winter Nomad
From Tommy Jay's Tall Tales of Trauma

Mike Rep & The Quotas - Just For Lies
From A Tree Stump Named Desire

U.S. Girls - Red Ford Radio
From Go Grey (out 2/02 on Siltbreeze)

Axemen - You, You Cabinet
From Scary Part III

Alpaca Brothers - The Lie
From Legless EP

Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves (excerpt)
From Half Machine Lip Moves

The Dead C - Stand
From New Electric Music

Robert Pollard - Wild Girl
From We All Got Out of The Army (out 2/23 on GBV, Inc.)

Home - Gotta Quit That Crack
From Home VII

Pavement - Our Singer
From Slanted & Enchanted

Gibson Bros. - Bin Pine Boogie
From Build A Raft CS

The Beakers - Red Towel
From The Red Towel 7"

Iggy Pop & James Williamson - No Sense of Crime
From Kill City

V-3 - Son of Sam Donaldson
From Live '97
(thanks to foreverlowman)

Velvet Underground - Ride Into The Sun (Demo)
From Loaded: Fully Loaded Edition

The Shadow Ring - City Lights
Life Review 1993 - 2003

Featuring a live "in-studio" performance from Viceroy.

"Neighboring States"


Steve N - Guitar, Tapes, Sampler
Derek W - Drums
Dylan C - Keyboard, Percussion
Kevin W - Piano, Synth
Jack R - Percussion


Moniker said...

This was very well done! I loved it, thanks so much.

Yair Yona said...

Fantastic! thanks for that.
you're welcome to check my weekly mixtapes as well -


100% said...

Great Blog!!!

I'm Back

For Ever Lowman said...

Cheers! Got some killer stuff coming up soon! thanks for the support.

Jef said...

A great blog just got better! I love the use of the familiars, Iggy Pop VU, to add to your audio aesthetic.

Diarrhea Planet said...


- Diarrhea Planet

- Casey

Zaphoid said...

love your blog. Have been following since Kiwitapes but I'm surprised to have never seen HDU fireworks featured. Really a great album.

Anonymous said...

thank u........................................

b2p said...

Fantastic, can't wait for #2

Llywarch said...

Can't fault the podcast! Thank you so much.

Lucas said...

I liked a lot

Chris K said...

Awesome podcast! I'm from Dayton, Ohio, and I love all of the great Ohio bands you have on your blog. I play in a band here in Dayton called the Northwest Ordinance. Feel free to check out our new album and share it on your blog if you like.

Keep up the good work.

NERI DA ROSA said...