The Double Happys - Nerves (1992)

The DoubleHappys (sometimes spelt Double Happys) were a short-lived but influential rock band based in Dunedin, New Zealand, and part of the Dunedin Sound music wave of the 1980s. The band was formed initially by former Bored Games members Shayne Carter and Wayne Elsey

after the demise of Elsey's other band The Stones in 1983.

They employed an old and erratic drum machine (christened "Herbie Fuckface"). Herbie proved too erratic and it was not long before the duo opted to recruit former school friend John Collie to provide a more reliable rhythm section. They took part in the Flying Nun "Looney Tour" in February 1984, travelling around the country with various other bands, cutting a single, the "Double B-side" ("The Other's Way" and "Anyone Else Would"), in March.

Early in 1985, the band recorded an EP, Cut it Out and embarked on a short tour in June. Towards the end of the tour the band were travelling south from Auckland by train, and Elsey, in high spirits, climbed out of a carriage. Tragically, the train passed under a bridge, killing Elsey instantly.

The two remaining members of the band decided not to continue with the name, but later formed the nucleus of Straitjacket Fits.

A compilation CD Nerves which features the single, EP, and live tracks, was released in 1992.


decrepittapes said...

Fountain Mountain Dew said...

Thanks for this . . . some fantastic new postings here! The DoubleHappys were somehow missing among my otherwise semi-thorough Dunedin music obsession from that era.

Any chance at all for the Chris Knox "Song for 1990" EP? The Knox tribute CD has me fondly remembering the amazing acoustic songs "Michael", "Doreen", etc., which I cannot seem to find anywhere in any form. Crossing fingers you might have it . . .

Thanks again for the great tunes!

DickWhyte said...

Hey - this comment is probably redundant at this point, but this comp doesn't contain 4 songs from the live EP "How Much Time Left, Please?" to the best of my knowledge. It contains 2 songs from that EP and 2 out-takes (presumably from the same show). The original EP also contains 3 songs not on this compilation: Beer Cans On The Ground, Guilt and a live version of Anyone Else Would.

Just thought you might be interested. I have the other 3 songs from the live EP and 2 more rarities that were not issued on this comp. if you are interested at all.

All the best-
Dick Whyte

AuthorUnknown4K said...

Could you reupload the link, please?? this album is impossible to get.

Thanks a lot!!