Home - The Home Box Set I-VIII

The lo-fi pop outfit Home formed in Tampa, Florida in the early '90s around the core of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Deutsch, keyboardist/vocalist Eric Morrison and bassist/vocalist Brad Truax. After gaining a local following, the group began recording a series of eight self-recorded cassettes -- titled I through VIII -- available only at a handful of Tampa-area stores and released on Home's own Screw Music Forever label. Fans of early-Sebadoh and early-GBV will find a lot to like on these tapes as Home shares very similar aesthetic sensibilities. These eight tapes have not had an official release since their initial very limited edition first run until yesterday when Oneida's Brah records gave all 8 albums and official digital release. The entire box set is only $14.99 for 95 songs which is the steal of the century. Find the official site (with plenty of good info and clips) right here: http://www.screwmusicforever.com/homeboxset/

For those who need a preview MP3: Check out "Stay The Same"

Highly recommended.


lucas said...

awesome - thanks for the post!

Autistic Theater said...

thank you for the heads up on this.
does D.T. have a snail mail address? we have some records we wish to send.