The Terminals - Black Creek 7" (1995)

One of my all-time favorite singles to come out of New Zealand. The Terminals are a criminally under rated band who come from the same school of approach as bands like Bauhaus, Wire & The Velvet Underground. The A-Side title track is their signature tune that wraps itself around a dirge-y beat with reverb drenched surf guitars and warped spacy keyboards. Stephen Cogle's unique vocals take the track to the next level as the tension slowly builds. The B-Side is an absolutely ace run through of Roxy Music's "Both Ends Burning" that is cut from the same musical cloth as the flip side. The darker tone really adds to the song and definitely puts it above the original.


decrepittapes said...

RĂșni said...

Amazing song, "Black Creek". Unique.

Thanks alot for this download, man.