Tommy Jay - Tall Tales of Trauma

The Long awaited re-issue of the nineteen eighty six Old Age/No Age cassette, Tom's Tall Tales of Trauma. Songs from ten years (out of thirty) of DIY barn and basement classics from Tommy Jay, member/songwriter and co producer of Ego Summit, Mike Rep & the Quotas, and the (Ohio) True Believers.

Tom's Tall Tales is musical dark matter, an unseen cosmic force connecting Ohio punk/folk 4-track 70's experiments to the Cowtown lo-fi explosion of the early 90's and on to today's New Generation of Ohio DIY 4-trackin' freaks.

"He's been my secret weapon all these years-Tommy Jay is he Pavarotti of Punk and so much more."
-Mike "Rep" Hummel


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Milo said...

Have to admit when you mentioned this a couple of posts ago I couldn't wait and found it over at
Been listening for the past couple of days, it's friggin' genius is what it is. Thankyou for the tip. The Galbraith is superb also, reminiscent of a slightly more, if darker, structured Pumice.