Factums - Alien Native

With squelch and emission drone that can be so abstract that you may think your household appliances are trying to tell you something, it's potency lies in the b-side's hammering incessance that lobs Factums into their glorious fold alongside fellow misanthropes and cohorts, The Intelligence and Pyramids. While industrial music hasn't had a real resurgence that's made an impact like its initial footprint with Although the first side of the album may draw long on it's instrumental proto-Cabaret VoltaireThrobbing Gristle and COUM Transmissions in the mid 70's, the current blossoming crop of contumacious and anti-image based 'bands' like Factums and their melodically corrupt circle of conspirators could easily be the original formula's righteous second coming, if not just a jagged stab in the right direction. Don't be expecting Ministry-type stuff with Factums, but think more atmospheric and unilaterally apocalyptic, cross-wired with a lo-fi punk anchoring that keeps the Wax Trax fans scratching their receding hairlines in wonder and amazement.

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Unknown said...

this is a fantastic record... one which I already had, but worth saying nonetheless. nice one!

Heavy River said...

It is indeed. One of my favorites of 2007. Their new record "The Sistrum" is also excellent.

ROOKSBY said...

"New Favourite Band" alert!